Crimea's Parliament Votes to Join Russia

Mar 6, 2014 | 19:48 GMT

Crimea's Parliament Votes to Join Russia
People waving Russian flags gather to hear confirmation that the Sevastopol regional council supported the vote for Crimea to secede from Ukraine and join Russia passed by the Crimean Parliament earlier in the day on March 6.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images


Crimea's parliament voted March 6 for the autonomous region to join the Russian Federation and changed the date for the upcoming referendum on Crimea's status from March 30 to March 16. These decisions are tools Russia can use to increase pressure on the West as the European Union meets to discuss potential responses to Russian military moves in Crimea. In the long run, Russia's decision to formally annex Crimea would warn the West against its efforts to integrate Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova — countries where the European Union and Russia are competing for influence.

The vote, along with a decision to speed up Crimea's referendum on the issue, puts the West under more pressure....

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