The Dirty Work of Russian Assassins

MIN READSep 14, 2017 | 11:13 GMT

Police in Kiev investigate a car blast that killed Timur Mahauri, a Chechen with Georgian citizenship.

Police examine the crime scene after a car blast in the center of the Ukrainian capital of Kiev on Sept. 8. Kiev has recently become a hot spot for the assassination of the Kremlin's enemies.


Russia's intelligence agencies have a long history of involvement in assassinations, refered to by its intelligence officers as "wetwork" or "wet affairs." Indeed, they have pursued the enemies of the Russian government around the globe: Alexander Litvinenko was murdered in London in November 2006; and Mikhail Lesin died under mysterious circumstances in Washington, D.C., in November 2015. They are not the only examples. It should come as no surprise then that people considered to be enemies of the Kremlin are being murdered in Russia itself, including opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, and in adjacent countries. A recent bombing in Kiev appears to have added another name to that list....

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