Egypt: Opposition Candidate Faces Trial, Tribulations

Jan 3, 2018 | 21:37 GMT


Before a prominent Egyptian opposition figure can face voters at the ballot box, he must face a trial in the country's courts. On Jan. 3, a misdemeanor court in Cairo heard testimony in the appeal trial of rights lawyer and presidential hopeful Khaled Ali. In September 2017, Ali was convicted of making an inappropriate hand gesture during anti-government demonstrations against the transfer of the Tiran and Sanafir Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia. The issue incited anger and unrest among Egyptians, many of whom view the transfer as a violation of their country's sovereignty. Though Ali and his team of lawyers contend that the conviction is unconstitutional, he will face a three-month prison sentence and will not be able to run in the upcoming presidential election if it is upheld. But today's court session ended with a delay of proceedings until March 7....

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