For Emiratis, Expanded UAE Citizenship Will be a Mixed Blessing

MIN READFeb 5, 2021 | 21:49 GMT

A display shows the UAE passport. 

A display shows the UAE passport with the country's local currency in the background. 


The United Arab Emirates’ new citizenship program for skilled foreign workers will likely further erode native tribes’ longstanding control over economic policy by bringing new players and power dynamics into the decision-making process. On Jan. 30, the United Arab Emirates announced that it had formally changed its citizenship laws to allow highly skilled foreigners to apply for Emirati passports. The new laws allow investors, doctors, scientists, intellectuals and other highly sought-after skilled foreigners to earn Emirati citizenship through nomination by either ruling families, courts or the Emirati cabinet. Exact procedures have not yet been announced, but the process appears to be controlled by high-level Emiratis. New UAE citizens will not have to give up the passports for their home countries. ...

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