Essential Geopolitics: The Eastern Ukraine Conflict Heats Up

MIN READApr 13, 2021 | 04:00 GMT


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In this episode of the Essential Geopolitics podcast from Stratfor, a RANE company, Emily Donahue speaks with global security analyst Sam Lichtenstein about rising tensions in eastern Ukraine and how they're drawing renewed global attention to the frozen conflict between the government in Kyiv and Russian-backed separatists.

On March 26, four Ukrainian soldiers were killed near separatists' de facto capital of Donetsk, marking the deadliest day of the year in the ongoing conflict. In his analysis of the incident, Lichtenstein wrote that "the fighting was notable not only for its high casualty count but also because it [reportedly] lasted most of the day, whereas most fighting along the so-called 'Line of Contact' typically occurs in discrete spurts."

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