Essential Geopolitics: Egypt's Currency Crisis

Jan 24, 2023 | 11:00 GMT


In this Essential Geopolitics podcast from RANE, Emily Donahue speaks with Emily Hawthorne, RANE senior Middle East and North Africa analyst, about Egypt's current crisis. In recent analyses for RANE clients, she points out that "Egypt's economy will remain vulnerable so long as the war in Ukraine continues to chip away at Cairo's foreign currency reserves by making imports more expensive, dampening tourism rates and spooking foreign investors. The decline in the Egyptian pound's value has further driven up the cost of imported goods (such as food and fuel), exacerbating the commodity price shocks created by the war in Ukraine. The fallout from the ongoing conflict has also seen fewer Ukrainian, Russian and European tourists visit Egypt in recent months, depriving Cairo of a key source of foreign currency." 

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