Essential Geopolitics: What You Need to Know About Japan's Remilitarization

Nov 22, 2022 | 11:00 GMT


One notable development in the Asia-Pacific region over the past few years has been the remilitarization of Japan. You may recall that after World War II, the Allies demanded the complete demilitarization of Japanese society and government. For decades, Japan continued that policy. But things are changing. Scott Kardas is a RANE Asia-Pacific analyst. He says Japan is rapidly building up its military capabilities. What is the end goal? You can read Kardas' analysis of the situation in our risk intelligence app for professionals, and in RANE Worldview — our consumer publication — which offers objective geopolitical analysis and intelligence covering the global landscape. Learn more about RANE's industry-leading risk management, including RANE Worldview at ranenetwork.com.