Fearing a Power Vacuum, Israel Offers to Help the Palestinian Authority

MIN READAug 30, 2021 | 21:41 GMT

Palestinian protesters rally in Ramallah city on July 17, 2021, denouncing the Palestinian Authority after activist Nizar Banat died while in the custody of its security forces.

(ABBAS MOMANI/AFP via Getty Images)

Israel is hoping to prevent a major security crisis by helping improve the West Bank’s economy and, in turn, the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s political legitimacy. But there’s little Israel can do to stop militants from using Palestinians’ growing frustration with the PA to recruit and inspire attacks on Israeli forces. On Aug. 29, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met to discuss the West Bank’s economy, security situation and mutual challenges. The meeting, approved by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, marked the highest-level dialogue that the two sides have engaged in since 2010, signaling Israel’s interest in boosting the Abbas administration. As part of the push, Israel also announced on Aug. 30 that it would send $155 million worth of Palestinian tax revenue in the form of a “loan.” ...

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