Great Lakes: A More Secure Water Source

MIN READDec 1, 2016 | 09:30 GMT

Great Lakes: A More Secure Water Source


It is hard to imagine that the area surrounding North America's five Great Lakes, which contains roughly one-fifth of the world's fresh water in just five major lakes, could ever succumb to water stress or scarcity. However, that does not mean the region will never experience problems associated with the water supply. Even now pollution from industrial and agricultural activities have and could disrupt supplies on a local level in the future. But despite potential quality issues, the abundance of water is one of the region's greatest long-term advantages. Reliable sources of water can provide this U.S. region an economic edge over others, making it a more attractive location for future industrial growth. Basin-wide management agreements enacted in 2008 show the extreme protectionism the region has for its water. Similar policies will follow as water stress and scarcity increase in other regions of the United States and the globe....

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