In Honduras, an Election's End Brings More Uncertainty

MIN READDec 8, 2017 | 09:00 GMT

Supporters of Honduran presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla set up a barricade blocking access too the country's capital. Accusations of election rigging and conflicting claims of victory have made the country's future uncertain. 


Contested election results threaten to cause weeks, if not months, of protests and politically motivated violence in Honduras. Preliminary results from the Nov. 26 Honduran presidential election appeared to show opposition challenger Salvador Nasralla besting incumbent Juan Orlando Hernandez of the National Party. But, as votes were tallied, supporters of Nasralla and the coalition between his Anti-Corruption Party and the leftist Liberty and Refoundation Party were dismayed to see Hernandez pull ahead. On Nov. 28, rioters from Nasralla's coalition took to the streets. Widespread vandalism and looting occurred throughout the week, particularly in San Pedro Sula. After a final count released Dec. 4 showed Hernandez as the victor, further riots and violence became almost guaranteed. Protesters have blocked roads across the country, including key transit arteries, almost every day. Businesses have been looted in broad daylight, and the government has resorted to an overnight curfew to limit the unrest. Assets owned...

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