Hong Kong: Despite a Lull in Violence, the City Remains on a Knife-Edge

Aug 19, 2019 | 22:07 GMT

Hong Kong's standoff is no closer to resolution -- this weekend's otherwise peaceful protests notwithstanding. On Aug. 17, teachers rallied against the government and the local police's actions before opponents gathered in support of the security forces. Another protest in the city's Mong Kok neighborhood nearly touched off clashes between police and protesters before cooler heads prevailed. The following day featured far larger protests, as up to 1.7 million people (according to organizers) clutched umbrellas while rallying peacefully at an event organized by the Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF), which previously staged several peaceful protests, including two mass protests in June against the extradition bill that ignited the territory's unrest in the first place. Now, all eyes will be on the city's government and Beijing to see if they are willing to take advantage of a de-escalation in the protests to pacify and undermine the movement by offering some cosmetic...

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