How Not to Become a Target on Social Media

Aug 10, 2017 | 08:00 GMT

If you want to share information about your trip on social media, do it afterward, not before or during your travels.

With the explosion of social media, more people are increasingly, and unwittingly, posting the details that crooks or terrorists can use against them.


It's August and for much of the world that means it is vacation time. In recent days I have seen ample evidence of this as people have tweeted, posted on Instagram and otherwise announced their vacation plans to the world. In many cases they even provide play-by-play updates. While sharing this information with your friends can be fun, these details are being broadcast to many people the vacationers do not know well, if at all. And this is where the danger lies: Crooks are increasingly finding social media to be a criminal intelligence gold mine....

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