How Russia Will Struggle to Keep Its Shipbuilders Afloat

Jan 20, 2016 | 09:15 GMT

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a naval ceremony in the Kaliningrad region on July 26, 2015.


Ships, shipbuilding and access to the sea define Russia and the influence it can exert. Since the 17th century, Russia’s shipyard industry has been in a perpetual state of flux as the country seeks access to water outlets through military conquest. The country's ability to secure and modernize warm water ports has been regularly disrupted by domestic and international conflict, often resulting in the destruction and degradation of the shipyard industry as a whole. Military conflicts and a slew of economic problems have hampered Russia's most recent efforts to modernize its military and civil shipyards. Moscow will do its best to selectively fund and develop key ports along its strategic water bodies. But it will not be easy....

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