How Technology Might Reshape China's Future

MIN READFeb 2, 2016 | 13:45 GMT

Gene-editing techniques like CRISPR and other technologies, including cloning, would make a significant mark on Chinese agricultural and livestock production. For Beijing, such technological advances are the key to its own security and to winning its competition with the West.

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Three years ago, most of the world thought "CRISPR" was the name of a refrigerator drawer. Now, the revolutionary gene-editing technique is not only used by researchers the world over but is also widely discussed by the mainstream media. For Stratfor, technologies like CRISPR are exciting because they could help countries overcome the geopolitical constraints stalling their development. We create technology to meet a specific human need, and that technology constantly interacts with geopolitics. Nations' particular political, economic and social realities dictate, at least in part, when, where and how technologies develop. In turn, that technology profoundly affects the developmental cycle of nations....

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