How the U.S. Will Ease Its Arab Allies’ Fears of Iran Talks

MIN READApr 30, 2021 | 21:09 GMT

U.S. diplomat Brett McGurk accepts an award recognizing his service in senior national security positions under several White House administrations on April 2, 2019.

(Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

As it ramps up outreach to Iran, the United States will reassure its traditional Arab Gulf allies that their national security concerns are still being considered via continued diplomatic efforts and military cooperation. Over the next week, a team of U.S. Pentagon and State Department officials is to visit Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt. The delegation will be headed by the Biden administration’s Middle East coordinator, Brett McGurk, with the objective of de-escalating tensions in the region and addressing concerns about U.S. President Joe Biden’s push to re-join the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). ...

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