Immigration and Global Business: Bridging the Culture Gap

MIN READJan 21, 2018 | 16:47 GMT

By focusing on the here and now -- how many jobs immigrants take or provide and at what cost or benefit to their host country -- conversations about global migration miss the long-term benefits it can offer.


Migration is a hot-button issue around the world, but conversations on the subject may be missing one of its most profound effects. Much of the debate over immigration centers on its economic and cultural implications. Proponents emphasize the labor contribution, new businesses and consumer spending habits immigrants bring to their host countries, while detractors focus on job displacement, remittances and the increased toll on government services. From a cultural perspective, meanwhile, those in favor of immigration tend to argue that immigrants assimilate well to their new countries or enrich the culture with their own. Those opposed, on the other hand, believe that immigrants dilute rather than enhance the local culture. There is, however, another important (though less direct) aspect of migration that bears considering when discussing the matter. Migrant communities often maintain links with their homelands -- through family, friends, and social and cultural networks that reach across borders. In a...

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