Iran's Next Move in the Fight Against Terrorism

Jun 16, 2017 | 22:30 GMT

Police officers stand outside Iran's parliament building in Tehran following an attack by several gunmen on June 7. Iran may well use the threat of terrorism to push its agenda outside its borders.

(MAJID SAEEDI/Getty Images)

Sandwiched between Iraq and Afghanistan, and sharing a border with Pakistan, it seems almost miraculous that Iran hasn't suffered a major act of domestic terrorism in over 15 years. That changed on June 7, however, when twin attacks in Tehran left 17 dead and around 50 injured. The Islamic State swiftly claimed responsibility for the attack, and the Iranian security apparatus switched into high gear, attempting to round up suspects and prevent other plots from culminating. Iran has always tightly protected its core territory, though the country's restive periphery has traditionally been a source of instability. Tehran is concerned about the southeastern and northwestern reaches of Iran, especially growing militancy among Kurdish and Sunni minority groups. The pace of counterterrorism activity has increased across the country in response to the violent statement of intent by the Islamic State. A June 14 raid in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan targeting suspected...

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