The Tricky Business of Rebuilding Iraq

MIN READFeb 13, 2018 | 18:40 GMT

Displaced Iraqi children fly kites, made from plastic bags, at the Hamam al-Alil camp for internally displaced people south of Mosul.

(KARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty Images)

Years of conflict, corruption and neglect have left major portions of Iraq's infrastructure in tatters. Now, with a semblance of stability returning to parts of the country, an international scramble is on to help Iraq rebuild, one railroad, highway and oil refinery at a time. To this end, representatives from almost 2,000 companies have gathered in Kuwait City for a conference highlighting scores of projects that span a breadth of sectors including agriculture, oil and natural gas production, and transportation. Like any other construction-based conference, this one, hosted Feb. 12-14 by the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce, features the typical crush of contractors and vendors. But the projects they may be competing for come with an added layer of complications created by Iraq's geopolitical position....

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