For Israel and Turkey, Any Port in a Diplomatic Storm

Apr 18, 2016 | 09:15 GMT
Fishing vessels are moored at Gaza City's harbour on August 18, 2014. Egyptian-brokered indirect negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians are taking place in Egypt during a five-day lull in the fighting that is due to expire at midnight (2100 GMT). The Palestinians have rejected any call to disarm Gaza and are pushing for Israel to lift its eight-year blockade on the coastal territory and also want the establishment of a sea port and an airport. AFP PHOTO/ROBERTO SCHMIDT (Photo credit should read RO
To restore their diplomatic ties, Turkey and Israel may agree to build an independent port off the coast of Gaza.

Israel and Egypt have had the self-governing Palestinian territory of Gaza under comprehensive blockade since 2007. Turkey, a long-time critic of the blockade, has refused to discuss diplomatic reconciliation with Israel until the obstruction is lifted. To that end, quiet negotiations have been underway for months to resolve the issue and repair ties. Progress has been scant since February, but now a tentative agreement appears close. On April 15, Turkey's presidential adviser announced that Israel had consented to lift its blockade on the Gaza Strip and that a deal will soon be finalized....

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