In Israel, Netanyahu Heads for Another Election With No Margin for Error

MIN READJun 10, 2019 | 09:30 GMT

Israeli protesters rally against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on May 30. Netanyahu's failure to form a coalition government has Israelis preparing for a second election this year.

(AMIR LEVY/Getty Images)

Back by the prime minister's demand, Israeli elections are going for an encore. September's elections, the second snap polls of the year, will reprise many of the same themes as April's contest, as the centrists of the Blue and White party of former Israel Defense Forces chief Benny Gantz aim to topple Likud's long rule, Likud's allies squabble with one another for right-wing votes to maintain maximum leverage in future coalition talks and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tries to hold together an unwieldy conservative alliance while fending off increasingly politically significant attacks by his main rival over corruption. But beyond the immediate question of who will be Israel's next prime minister, the election will once more shine a spotlight on Israel's future. At home, the victory will reveal who has the upper hand in Israel's culture wars between its increasing share of Haredi and ultra-Orthodox voters and its secular and nationalist...

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