In Its Search for Security, Israel Keeps the Door Open to Its Neighbors

Feb 16, 2017 | 03:08 GMT
In Its Search for Security, Israel Keeps the Door Open to its Neighbors

Beyond affirming the strength of the U.S.-Israel relationship, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and U.S. President Donald Trump clarified some points of policy regarding Palestinian peace talks.

(ALEX WONG/Getty Images)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is paying a visit to Washington looking for clarification. Despite his long association with Donald Trump, and the overtures that Trump’s election campaign made toward Israel, Netanyahu remains uncertain about many aspects of the new U.S. administration's policies toward the Middle East. The premier, who arrived today to a warm welcome from an Israel-friendly White House, knows that despite the most generous of guarantees by Washington, the security of his nation depends as much on its pragmatic relationships with other Middle Eastern states as on the weight of support from its longtime ally. It was Netanyahu’s own reference to those relationships that prompts the more intriguing questions about the era to come in a shifting Middle East....

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