Kaliningrad: Measuring Up Against Europe, Not Mainland Russia

MIN READNov 14, 2019 | 16:20 GMT

Konigsberg Cathedral and the Pregolya River are seen in this nighttime shot in Kaliningrad. The Russian exclave would rather look to Europe than to the rest of Russia.

(HENRYK SADURA/Shutterstock)

Sandwiched between European Union members Poland and Lithuania, Kaliningrad, Russia's westernmost outpost, has always been of great interest for many -- and not just because of its military significance and motley, centuries-old history. Indeed, the territory that is now Kaliningrad has been ruled at various times by the Teutonic Order, Prussia, imperialist Germany, the Soviets and, finally, Russia. For many who recall the Soviet past and live just a hop, skip and a jump away, the exclave is magnetic for its proximity and the preservation of the relics of the Soviet past. But once you're in Kaliningrad, "Russian" isn't quite the description that many want to hear, as it's a territory that looks more toward Europe than Russia....

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