The Key Questions Surrounding the Missile-Linked Explosions in Poland

Nov 15, 2022 | 22:45 GMT

A suspected missile crater in Przewodow, Poland.

A suspected missile crater in Przewodow, Poland.

Photograph: WoW - Wolski o Wojnie / Facebook

Following a deadly blast near its border with Ukraine, Poland will likely trigger NATO's Article IV to start formal consultations among member states at the request of a member that feels threatened by another country or a terrorist organization. However, NATO remains highly unlikely to trigger Article V obligations for the mutual defense of Poland until those consultations have concluded, and even afterward, it is unlikely that NATO will do so to avoid unnecessary escalation with Moscow. On the evening of Nov. 15, two people died in Poland's village of Przewodow near Ukraine due to explosions believed to be caused by Russian missiles or Ukrainian missiles intended to shoot them down. The incident prompted Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to convene an urgent meeting of the country's committee for national security and defense affairs due to the "crisis situation." ...

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