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The Legacy of 1968 Continues to Burn in Mexico

May 21, 2018 | 07:00 GMT
A massacre of students marred the legacy of the Mexico City Olympic Games held in 1968.

The pain of the student massacre that preceded Mexico City's Olympics in 1968 continues to linger in the country.


In Mexico, drug cartel assassins ushered in the first week of 2018, a key election year, with the murders of at least five political candidates, a spree of violence that has continued: More than 30 candidates have been assassinated to date. Cartel killers have also targeted journalists, especially those working to expose their nefarious activities, murdering a dozen in 2017 and at least four so far in 2018. Upcoming national elections and the promises of politicians advocating a crackdown on drug violence have incited a particularly vicious brand of wrath from the cartels, as the death toll this year seems destined to eclipse last year’s record-setting murder rate....

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