A Look at the Islamic State's Infiltration of a Syrian Air Base

Nov 30, 2017 | 13:46 GMT
Satellite imagery shows the damage inflicted to a Syrian airbase

The underlying reality of a continued threat from the Islamic State underscores the desirability of a solution to the Syrian civil war.

Imagery acquired by Stratfor working with its partners at AllSource Analysis illustrates the damage inflicted by an Islamic State infiltration attack on the Syrian loyalist air base at Deir el-Zour. A relief force recently reached the base, which had endured more than three years of siege by the Islamic State as part of the Deir el-Zour garrison, was recently reached by a relief force. As can be seen from the attack, however, the Islamic State still maintains the capability to inflict damage and carry out attacks in the region even as it has technically ceased to control territory around Deir el-Zour and its air base....

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