The Melting Arctic Heats Up the Question of Who Governs the Northwest Passage

MIN READAug 7, 2019 | 11:00 GMT

A project manager for the Arctic Research Foundation walks past snowmobiles used by Canadian troops employed to the territory of Nunavut. Canada uses polar patrols to demonstrate its sovereignty in the Arctic.

(PAUL WATSON/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

In a rapidly changing climate, it is likely that recent U.S. attacks on Canadian claims of sovereignty in the far north are intended to remind Ottawa that the status quo depends on Washington's goodwill. But while the United States may be interested, in the short term, in jostling with Canadian sovereignty claims, perhaps to strengthen its hand in any potential dispute over resources, its apparent long-term geopolitical interests -- particularly the defense of the North American continent -- remain intertwined with Ottawa's....

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