Nagorno-Karabakh Stalemate Flares Into Violence

Apr 3, 2016 | 21:11 GMT
Armenian servicemen of the self-defense army of Nagorno-Karabakh fire artillery at Azeri forces in the disputed region, April 2. Despite calls for a cease-fire, conditions remain tense following the worst outbreak of violence in decades.

Azerbaijani and Armenian forces clashed April 2 in Nagorno-Karabakh in one of the most violent incidents in the disputed region since the implementation of the 1994 Bishkek Protocol and its provisional cease-fire. Azerbaijan attempted to assuage the situation with its own unilateral cease-fire on April 3. Skirmishes have become more frequent over the last year, part of Baku's military operations and diplomatic efforts to capture more territory and to force Armenian concessions, breaking the dispute's status quo in Azerbaijan's favor....

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