With a New President, Ecuador Begins Leaving Venezuela Behind

MIN READOct 17, 2017 | 09:15 GMT

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno was vice president under Rafael Correa from 2007 to 2013.

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno has reached out to the United States on trade and is planning to begin negotiations with Canada and Russia as well.


Venezuela is losing another political ally in South America. The election of left-wing Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno in May seemed to indicate that Quito would continue the foreign and domestic policies of Rafael Correa, Moreno's predecessor and one of Venezuela's main allies in the region. In fact, Moreno, who was Correa's vice president during 2007-13, has begun charting his own path, pulling away from Venezuela and raising the ire of the ruling left-wing coalition, Alianza Pais....

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