Nicaragua's Strongman Stays Strong

Nov 5, 2016 | 13:18 GMT
Ortega Appears To Be Firmly in Control
Posters in Managua promote the election of President Daniel Ortega, and wife, Rosario Murillo Zambrana, who is running as his vice president. Nicaraguan voters will head to the polls on Nov. 6.

The threat of future U.S. sanctions hangs over the Nov. 6 Nicaraguan presidential election. Yet incumbent President Daniel Ortega hopes to capture another five-year term and possibly position his wife and running mate, Rosario Murillo Zambrana, as his successor. Ortega, who will turn 71 five days after the election, enjoys a comfortable margin in opinion polls and fragmented support for opposition candidates appears to give him and his Sandinista National Liberation Front a good chance to stay in office. ...

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