North Africa: The Other Side of Europe's Migrant Crisis

MIN READOct 7, 2016 | 09:16 GMT

Each year, thousands of migrants reach Europe from North Africa by way of the central and eastern Mediterranean routes. Now the European Union is looking for ways to put a stop to these treacherous journeys.


To talk of a single migrant crisis in Europe can be misleading. The eastern routes over the Mediterranean Sea have commanded international attention for the sheer number of Syrian refugees who have traversed them to enter Europe from Turkey and elsewhere and for the negotiations -- and subsequent migrant deal -- it prompted between the governments in Brussels and Ankara. Despite its higher profile and amount of traffic, however, the eastern routes are not the only migrant paths into Europe across the Mediterranean, nor is Syria the only country from which migrants are fleeing. Thousands of migrants also reach Europe each year from North Africa by way of routes crossing the central and western Mediterranean. Though these paths are less traveled than the eastern routes, they are no less treacherous. Most deaths among migrants who headed across the Mediterranean this year -- one of the deadliest on record -- occurred along...

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