North Africa's Steadiest Country Is Quietly Unraveling

MIN READMar 15, 2017 | 09:00 GMT


Since the Arab Spring swept across North Africa in 2011, Algeria has been an immovable anchor in a region struggling to find stability in the face of wave after wave of change. Many of Algeria's Mediterranean neighbors, including Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, are still recovering from the cataclysmic upsets that political and economic reforms have brought over the past six years. Morocco, meanwhile, has just reclaimed its seat in the African Union after a decadeslong absence, and it is working furiously to re-engage with its African neighbors while preserving its friendship with the West. Morocco's quest to improve its standing on the African continent could soon pose a threat to its longtime rival, Algeria, if Algiers does not move quickly to match Rabat's ambitions....

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