Nuking the Moon With Author Vince Houghton

MIN READJul 21, 2019 | 16:17 GMT

The moon appears red in a photo taken on July 17, 2019, in Tours, central France.


When Neil Armstrong announced that the Apollo 11 lunar module Eagle had landed on the moon's surface 50 years ago, billions around the world were listening. The first manned moon landing in July 1969, was the culmination of a presidential resolution firmly anchored in a Cold War objective. 

Far less known, until now, are the military plots and schemes aimed at countering the Soviets that never made it off the drawing board — even though many were as technologically groundbreaking and boldly breathtaking.  

Vince Houghton’s new book: Nuking the Moon, delves into the details of those ideas left on the drawing board. Stratfor Chief Security Officer Fred Burton spoke to Houghton about the schemes and the perils failing to learn from history.

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