An Online University of Terrorism

MIN READNov 26, 2015 | 09:00 GMT

The internet and eLearning platforms are ideal for jihadists to teach tradecraft

Investigators at the site of the Boston Marathon bomb attack in April 2013.


I believe that jihadist groups will soon begin using new technological tools to create an "online university of jihad," if they have not already done so. I envision this as an interactive learning environment on the dark web where master terrorists can meet and instruct grassroots terrorists over heavily encrypted videoconference lines. It would be similar to Inspire Magazine, but live and interactive. This type of capability could have made a huge difference in some past cases where grassroots jihadists struggled with bomb making, such as Najibullah Zazi's plot to bomb the New York Subway system and Faisal Shahzad's botched Times Square bombing attempt....

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