Pen and Sword: Covid-19 Cyber Security

Apr 22, 2020 | 20:16 GMT

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In this episode of Stratfor's Pen and Sword podcast, host Fred Burton speaks with Alexander White, the V.P. of Cyber at Prescient, a global risk management and intelligence firm. Like Stratfor and RANE, Prescient is monitoring an increase in criminal cyber attacks against companies and home offices. Common sense, White says, is always a good first step in keeping bad actors away from your network's back - or front - door. But smart threat management and awareness is always necessary.

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COVID-19 and Mexico's Criminal Cartels, from Stratfor Worldview.

Mitigating Risks at Home: Strengthening Organizational Cybersecurity With a Remote Workforce, from RANE and Prescient.

Mitigating Risk from State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks, From RANE.

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