Plan. Prepare. Avoid a Mad Dash When Crisis Erupts

MIN READMar 16, 2020 | 17:21 GMT

Police officers engulfed in flames from an incendiary device during protests in Caracas on July 30. The volatile situation in Venezuela has led to the widespread evacuation of foreign personnel.


As the prospect of escalating conflict looms over Venezuela and the Korean Peninsula, it is important to revisit the theme of evacuation planning and preparation. Political and environmental crises over the years afford us the opportunity to discuss the contents of your fly-away bag, considerations to take when planning an evacuation route and the importance of coming up with your own plans instead of relying solely on others. This guidance still holds up and we hope that readers in Venezuela and on the Korean Peninsula are reviewing their emergency evacuation plans. Thanks to dozens of case studies looking at previous evacuations during crisis events, there are further lessons to consider, particularly for private individuals and companies that have their own evacuation plans in place....

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