Planting the Seeds of Growth in African Agriculture

Nov 15, 2016 | 09:16 GMT
African Agriculture Plants the Seeds for Growth
Agricultural investment could help feed Africa's growing population and economic growth, but only if certain political and physical obstacles are overcome.

Sub-Saharan Africa knows the dangers of not having reliable access to food. The Green Revolution -- the research and development boom that led to increased agricultural production worldwide -- missed most of the African continent. Images of famine in Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan are sadly familiar. War, poor governance and water scarcity led to dwindling food supplies for millions in a region that still produces far less food than it could. The southern part of the continent has been plagued by drought since 2015, increasing food imports and food prices. And as regional populations grow, as demographic projections suggest, many poorer African nations with underperforming agricultural systems will have to import more foodstuffs as a result....

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