In Poland, Elections Mark the End of an Era

MIN READOct 24, 2015 | 13:40 GMT

Supporters of the Law and Justice party attend a party convention in Warsaw on Oct. 22, ahead of weekend general elections.


Poland is still very much a nation in transition. This is most evident in its capital and largest city, Warsaw. The city center, bombed into ruin during World War II, has been rebuilt as a sort of living museum – a reminder of the country's past. But surrounding the historic center, tall glass buildings showcase Poland's new ambition: to become a key Central and Eastern European business hub. Large infrastructure projects -- most notably the massive stadium where part of the 2012 European football championship was played -- offer a glimpse of Polish modernization fueled by foreign investment and EU development funds. Poland will hold general elections on Oct. 25 in a vote that could bring eight years of center-right Civic Platform rule to an end. ...

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