Poland Forges Friendships in a Time of Uncertainty

MIN READFeb 13, 2017 | 09:15 GMT

Poland Forges Friendships in a Time of Uncertainty
The U.S. deployed new heavy weaponry and thousands of soldiers to Central and Eastern Europe in January, but there are fears about the policy direction the new U.S. administration will take in the region.


As shifts in the global order expose Poland's inherent geographic vulnerabilities, the country has no choice but to look outward for support. Poland will do what it can to boost its own defense capabilities, but in its search for security and stability Warsaw will also focus on building out its web of political military alliances. In the Eurasian borderlands, Poland will work to bolster defense cooperation with countries near the Baltic and Black seas that are likewise wary of the potential for Russian aggression. Poland will also seek to reinforce ties with the broader European Union; though Warsaw will push against EU interference, it will ultimately support efforts to prevent the bloc's collapse. And as EU states diverge on policies toward the new U.S. administration, Warsaw will try to protect its own bilateral ties with the White House....

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