By Protesting Xinjiang Cotton, Western Companies Incite China’s Ire

MIN READMar 26, 2021 | 19:14 GMT

People walk past an H&M store in Beijing, China, on March 25, 2021.

(Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

In China, a nationalist social media campaign has gained momentum and state support, revealing Beijing’s intent to punish the United States, United Kingdom, European Union and Canada, which could force certain foreign firms to sacrifice access to China, a key market for future growth. On March 24, the Chinese Communist Youth League (CYL), a nationalist youth organization under the Communist Party, rebuked Swedish clothing company H&M on March 24 via the Chinese microblogging site Weibo for protesting Xinjiang cotton. Since then, state media outlets People’s Daily, CCTV and Global Times have also all condemned foreign firms for interfering in Chinese political matters by suggesting human rights or labor abuses occur in Xinjiang.  ...

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