In the Race Between Turkey and the UAE, Somalia Wins

Aug 14, 2017 | 18:32 GMT

Turkey is opening a base in the troubled East African country to build up its military and economic ties, but the United Arab Emirates is already one step ahead.

The competition between Turkey and the United Arab Emirates isn't limited to Somalia.


With a new military camp in Somalia, Turkey is strengthening its ties to the East African country as well as extending its reach as a regional power. Turkish forces are expected to arrive at the installation, which has been under construction for about two years, sometime this month. Their arrival comes soon after the deployment of Turkish forces to a larger base in Qatar. While Ankara has been operating military facilities in northern Iraq, the Qatari and Somali bases are the first military installations hosted by allied states. As Turkey pursues its geopolitical interests throughout the region, its military posture follows suit....