RANE Briefing on Nation-State Cyber Attacks

Feb 7, 2022 | 22:13 GMT


This podcast is a special cyber briefing from RANE, the Risk Assistance Network and Exchange. 

The threat of a cyberattack looms large in both corporate minds and those of governments around the world. For instance, as the standoff at Ukraine's border continues, RANE has shared analysis with our clients and subscribers about the potential for Russian-driven cyber attacks as a destabilization tactic.

An attack that devastates infrastructure or wipes out records is no longer the stuff of science fiction, says RANE senior global analyst Matthew Bey. You can learn more about RANE's cyber risk solutions at info@ranenetwork.com. Make sure to subscribe to our daily cyber brief, for improved situational awareness of emerging cyberthreats. Go to ranenetwork.com to sign up today.