RANE Insights: Cybersecurity and Resilience for Leaders

Dec 3, 2021 | 21:53 GMT

Cybersecurity is a critical risk for organizations. But too often leadership may treat cybersecurity as a box to be checked rather than an ongoing situation that needs to be constantly monitored. Gathering and assessing the right information and using it for better situational awareness in an increasingly complex cyber environment should be mission-critical. That's why RANE and Nasdaq Governance Solutions are co-hosting a Virtual Cyber Summit for Business Leaders on Dec. 8.

In today's podcast, host and RANE founder David Lawrence previews the cyber summit with Denny Watson, executive director at RANE's RiskDesk, and Carmen Medina, the owner of Media Analytics, Inc., providing bespoke analytic services on national security issues, cognitive diversity, global trends, entrepreneurship and thinking ahead.