RANE Insights: Protecting Executives Through External Cybersecurity Teams

MIN READApr 22, 2021 | 18:00 GMT


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In this RANE Insights podcast episode, we speak with BlackCloak CEO and Founder Dr. Chris Pierson.

Every day, companies are under cyberattack. At work, there are protections in place through the work of information security teams. But what happens when an executive leaves the office? In their personal lives and on personal devices, executives are wide-open to phishing attacks, malware, credential theft and reputational attacks.

That's where RANE Network company BlackCloak steps in. BlackCloak is a Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy Platform for high-profile or high-net-worth individuals and corporate executives in their personal lives. 

Learn more about how RANE can help manage your cybersecurity risk at ranenetwork.com

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