Remembering Pat Tillman

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Remembering Pat Tillman
Many of us can fantasize about being a sports star or a courageous soldier, but few of us have the resolve, perseverance and selflessness to do either, let alone both.

(U.S. Department of Defense)

April 22 marked the 13th anniversary of the combat death of U.S. Army Ranger Pat Tillman, arguably the most notable American casualty of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Readers in the United States are likely to remember the highlights of Tillman's story. A standout at safety for Arizona State University, Tillman was a late selection of the NFL's Arizona Cardinals in the 1998 draft. As a professional, he earned a reputation as a hardworking, smart and dependable player; he drew praise in the media when he turned down a significant pay raise from the St. Louis Rams, opting to stick with the Cardinals. In today's world of professional sports, where everyone is quick to note that "it's a business," leaving millions of dollars on the table was a rare display of principle and personal sacrifice. But for Tillman, the real sacrifice was yet to come....

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