Remembering Trench Warfare in World War I

Dec 20, 2014 | 14:01 GMT

The magazine Le Miroir published a photograph of a front line trench in 1914.

(Unknown press photographer/Wikimedia Commons)


Exactly 100 years ago, on Dec. 20, 1914, tens of thousands of French troops fixed bayonets and advanced on German lines amid the sound of heavy artillery and the rattle of machine guns, signaling the beginning of the First Battle of Champagne. Three months of vicious and grueling fighting would follow, marking the first campaign in a long series of trench warfare offensives and counteroffensives that would shape the Western Front of World War I.

A century ago, Allied and German troops clashed in the First Battle of Champagne, marking the beginning of the extensive use of trench warfare on the Western Front in World War I. ...

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