In Russia, Defense Cuts Were Inevitable

MIN READMar 11, 2016 | 09:00 GMT

Russia is finding it harder to maintain military spending, like the purchase of new military helicopters and other remilitarization efforts.


Russia's worsening economic crisis has forced the Kremlin to make further budget cuts for 2016. Going into 2016, the federal budget was tightened in all ministries, except defense, in which spending was kept largely flat. But in January, the Finance Ministry ordered another 10 percent spending cut for all ministries -- including defense. And on March 6, Russia's deputy defense minister said the Defense Ministry would cut spending by another 5 percent this year. The fact that it happened at all suggests Russia is willing to make cuts to anything, including all-important military expenses. The following are a selection of analyses on how Russia has handled its tightening finances by reducing military-related spending, even before the additional 5 percent defense cut....

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