In the Sahel, a Counterterrorism Force Fights for More Than Funding

MIN READDec 22, 2017 | 09:00 GMT

Malian soldiers outside the presidential palace in Bamako service the weapon on a military vehicle. 


The French effort to bring security to the Sahel is getting a financial boost. French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed that the cash-strapped Group of Five (G5) Sahel Force will receive $180 million from Saudi Arabia and $35 million from the United Arab Emirates. The financial boost puts the force significantly closer to realizing its budgetary requirements, which are estimated at more than $470 million annually. Although much more funding is needed, Macron has announced an additional donor conference in February, which will likely augment the current amount, and supporters of the force can feel a bit more optimistic that it will reach its goal. But funding is far from the only challenge facing the force....

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