A Simple Tool for Understanding the Trump Presidency

Nov 15, 2016 | 08:00 GMT

Geopolitics Foreign Policy President Donald Trump
The beauty of a map that highlights topography over political borders is that it doesn't leave much room for polemical debate.

(ANTON BALAZH/Shutterstock)

We hear all the time about how the world "should" work. Self-proclaimed liberals and conservatives, Keynesians and Reaganites, humanists and hawks, globalists and nationalists have crammed the airwaves and filled our Twitter feeds with policy prescriptions, promoting their worldview while scorning others'. But after the emotionally charged year this has been, I suspect many people are growing weary of big theories and cursory character assassinations. Instead, it may be time to replace the pedantry with something more fundamental -- and less divisive -- in which to ground our thoughts and make sense of the world. Rather than focusing on what should happen, perhaps we would do better to turn our attention to what will happen. And in this, geopolitics can come in handy. It is a deceptively simple tool, one that won't bury you in academic pretension or require a fancy algorithm to model. But its simplicity doesn't make it any...

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