Somalia's Thorny Problems on the Horn of Africa

MIN READNov 26, 2018 | 09:00 GMT

Porters carry goods offloaded from foreign ships docked at the harbor in Mogadishu on April 24, 2013. In Mogadishu's economic heart, Bakara market -- where a U.S. helicopter was shot down in 1993 in scenes made famous by the Hollywood film "Black Hawk Down" -- the scars of frontline fighting that raged less than two years ago have faded. Somalia, once a byword for war and anarchy, appears to be slowly turning a corner, with Islamist forces on the back foot despite launching a series of bloody guerrilla attacks.



The Horn of Africa has entered a period of profound change. Renewed ties between Ethiopia and Eritrea in late 2018 have led to a rapprochement between Eritrea and Somalia. Meanwhile, reports suggest that Eritrea will also renew its relations with Sudan and Djibouti in the months ahead. And in an effort to take advantage of the region's high profile and emerging stability, Ethiopia's ambitious leader has even floated the idea of reviving the landlocked country's navy. With so many elements in flux, Somalia's leaders and neighbors alike are asking how the country will navigate this new normal as it continues to struggle with complex internal problems. ...

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