Syria: As the U.S. Withdraws, a Dangerous Race Begins

MIN READOct 14, 2019 | 17:20 GMT


Northern Syria is rapidly unraveling now that the United States -- the glue that ensured peace in the region -- has decided to hurriedly withdraw. The mostly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and its predecessors have controlled the area for years, but their lack of heavy equipment and air support have made them ill-equipped to resist Turkey's rapid offensive over the last week. Making quicker progress than expected, Turkey and its proxies have now decided to push toward cities in the west like Kobani and Manbij. Recognizing its desperate need for reinforcements, the SDF has now turned to the south, cutting a deal with Syrian President Bashar al Assad for the Syrian army's support. But as a vacuum opens in northern Syria, Ankara and Damascus may now be on a collision course as they race to grab territory....

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